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About Imperium Wellness

Our treatment center offers a variety of therapies, tools, and strategies to help each individual find the healing and recovery they need in a warm, caring and comfortable environment. This is not a one size fits all treatment center. We take a unique approach to treating addiction seriously. Holistic treatments are relatively new to addiction treatment. We are proud to be among the best in treatment facilities to offer services such as chiropractic care, massage, and acupuncture to our clients. Programs that incorporate whole body and mind wellness result in recovery for the body, mind, and spirit.


What Makes Imperium Wellness Different?

We offer cutting-edge programs and treatments that are designed to fit the needs of the individual. We aren’t just treating a disease, we are treating people. Our programs are flexible, integrating health and wellness, family participation, unique therapies and 12 step programs. Imperium Wellness offers effective, proven treatment in a beautiful setting staffed with highly trained, caring professionals.

Our Mission

Imperium Wellness’ mission is to improve the physical, spiritual, and emotional health of the alcohol and chemically dependent person and his or her family through an integrated system of addiction medicine, nursing, psychoeducation, and psychosocial services based on an individualized and holistic program of patient care.

Our Philosophy

At Imperium Wellness, the staff shares the core belief that addiction treatment and recovery is a process that heals mind, body, and spirit through individualized medical and psychosocial interventions. Our facility was created on the belief that treatment is individualized concentrating on a whole life recovery plan which introduces each patient to a new way of living. We believe recovery is a lifelong journey and we provide detoxification and residential services to support the start of that journey. We believe the family is integral to sustaining the patient’s sobriety and thus provide the family with guidance and support throughout the patient’s treatment stay.


Our Vision

Imperium Wellness will be the recognized leader in the provision of high-quality intervention and supportive strategies for individuals living with alcohol and chemical dependency.

George Saint Louis brings over 15 years’ experience in Holistic client-centered substance abuse treatment. He is an Arise trained interventionist and has helped hundreds of families. George is especially skilled at dealing with the more challenging clients. His dedication and compassion shows with every interaction he has with clients.



Our facility was created on the belief that treatment is individualized concentrating on a whole life recovery plan which introduces each patient to a new way of living.

What should I expect while in Treatment?

After a thorough evaluation and assessment, our highly trained addiction specialists will formulate a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to each client’s specific needs within our residential drug and alcohol rehab program and intensive outpatient rehab program.

What is Inpatient Treatment?

Inpatient treatment, also known as residential treatment, takes place in a structured, supervised environment, such as a hospital, mental health facility, or dedicated rehab center. Inpatients receive intensive substance abuse treatment services — and psychiatric care, if appropriate — while living full-time at the facility. Inpatients receive 24-hour monitoring by doctors, nurses, or therapists in the security of a drug-free atmosphere.

Inpatient care is often recommended for patients who have a history of heavy drug use, for those who have serious co-occurring health concerns, or for those who have relapsed after previous experiences with treatment.

How long does Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment last?

The duration of drug and alcohol rehab depends, to a large degree, on the extent and magnitude of a person’s substance abuse problem—as well as their overall dedication to recovery. Our Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab program is a minimum of 30 days while our Intensive Outpatient rehab program is typically 3-4 nights per week for four to six weeks before stepping down to 1 night per week.

Does My Insurance Cover Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment?

Thanks to recent legislation, the entire realm of insurance and insurance coverage has been significantly changed for the better. Under the new Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, treatment for substance abuse must receive parity in treatment. In other words, there can be no difference in coverage for substance abuse treatment than for any medical or surgical conditions. This enables many more people to leverage their insurance coverage and benefits to help break free from the grip of drug and alcohol addiction and transform the dream of addiction free living into reality. Imperium Wellness is proud to accept most health insurance plans and will work diligently with your insurance company to secure the maximum amount of insurance coverage possible for your drug and alcohol rehab treatment. Our caring and compassionate Recovery Counselors will manage and coordinate every detail for you including: Determining your precise insurance coverage and eligibility, billing your insurance company and calculating any out of pocket expenses such as co-pays or deductibles (though in many cases, insurance will cover 100% of the cost of drug and alcohol rehab treatment).

What if I don’t have health insurance?

Call today to see if your insurance covers treatment. We also offer payment plans for those who need help.

We Accept Most Insurances