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Heroin Detox in Fort Lauderdale

What is Heroin Detox?

Heroin detox follows the same process for detoxification as other drugs where, under supervision, stopping the use of the drug allows the body to flush toxins while managing the symptoms of withdrawal that's associated with the substance that's been used. Detox is always the first step taken before addressing the user's heroin addiction and working on their recovery.

What Are The Benefits of a Fort Lauderdale Heroin Detox?

The use of any chemicals or manufactured drugs should be avoided to maintain optimal mental and physical health. However, once used on a regular basis, our bodies become so used to the substance that they become reliant- leading to addiction.

Heroin binds to specific opiate receptors in the brain which lower pain signals and increase dopamine up to ten times the natural amount. The result is a euphoric feeling that can only be reached with the use of the substance. While the brain is flooded with dopamine, the body is at the same time being attacked by the chemicals and toxins. Heroin use poses severe health risks and damages all the major systems in our bodies and over time lowers our ability to process emotions, thoughts, and control our nervous systems.

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Long Term Effects of Heroin Use

With short-term use, heroin causes a feeling of euphoria; how intense the feeling of euphoria will be and how long it will last depends on how much and how long it's consumed. Users often nod in and out of consciousness; this is called ‘nodding off’. The drug will also cause the user to feel as if their body is being weighed down, especially in their arms and legs. Breathing will normally slow down, which can lead to respiratory failure and can be fatal. Someone experiencing the effects of heroin will be less mentally alert, which can lead to serious accidents such as falling down, burning themselves or stumbling into traffic.

Heroin addiction can lead to many severe and dangerous long-term effects, including physical dependency resulting in extreme withdrawals when ceasing use, contracting HIV/ AIDS, hepatitis and other blood-borne diseases from intravenous drug use, collapsed veins, contracting bacterial or fungal infections, kidney failure, death, infection of the heart lining and valves, Rheumatologic problems such as arthritis, poisoning from contaminants added to cut heroin, etc.

What Will Detoxing from Heroin Look Like?

Detox will be different for all users depending on a variety of factors- how long they have been using, age, general health, the severity of addiction, and personality traits. There are some universal symptoms that you should expect, including nausea, stomach pain, flu-like symptoms, depression, cravings, and anxiety. These symptoms typically appear anywhere from 12-30 hours after the last use and continue for up to 10 days or more. Our staff have strong experience working with patients in Fort Lauderdale through detox and will help to keep your symptoms as minimal as possible.

Aside from the typical physical effects to be expected, there are cognitive side effects that can take quite the toll on the body. Those who have experienced heroin withdrawal note that the mental effects were their biggest battle.

The most common complaints are feelings of boredom, sadness, depression, antsiness, frustration, and extreme fatigue. These feelings manifest as a result of stopping drug use and intensify due to the physical effects. The flu-like symptoms and insomnia heighten the mental effects, and the mental effects heighten the physical- creating a spiral of symptoms.

Although these feelings can be frustrating and difficult, our detox center in Fort Lauderdale is trained to keep them as minimal as possible and give you the tools to cope with the symptoms during your withdrawal period and beyond.

Why Choose Imperium in Fort Lauderdale for Heroin Detox?

Choosing to enter Detox is a big step, and you want to ensure you only have to go through it once. Our programs are designed to be flexible to suit every case, and our staff is knowledgeable, compassionate, and ready to help you through the entire process. We have the most up to date methods, training, and equipment that will ensure a smooth and thorough detox. We know how important recovery is, and were ready to get you back the life you deserve.

Detox is the first and most important to step to a successful recovery. If you or a loved one is struggling with heroin or any other substance, call us today and ask about our detox programs in Fort Lauderdale.

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