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Meth Detox in Fort Lauderdale

What is Meth Addiction?

Methamphetamine mainly affects the brain and is known for creating feelings of pleasure, increase energy and elevate mood. Methamphetamines often causes insomnia due to increased energy, and users stay awake and do continuous activity without feeling the need for sleep.

Methamphetamines, like regular amphetamines, also suppress a person’s appetite and are sometimes used by people trying to lose weight quickly. Dangerous weight loss is a very common side effect and can lead to more health issues.

Most of the pleasurable effects of methamphetamine are believed to be a result from the release of very high levels of the dopamine. Dopamine is involved in motivation, the experience of pleasure, and motor function. Methamphetamine is known to cause the release of twelve times the amount of dopamine that food, sex and other pleasurable activities release. The extreme pleasure feelings are a main factor in meths high level of addiction. The elevated release of dopamine produced by meth is also thought to contribute to the drug’s harmful effects on nerve terminals in the brain.

Meth addiction and dependency is a serious disease that is extremely difficult to address. Imperium treatment center has the experience and knowledge to help our patients through the withdrawal process and a full treatment from there.

The Stages of Meth Withdrawal

Withdrawing from meth will look different for every user depending on severity of the addiction and duration of use. The withdrawals will start to manifest shortly after detoxification begins. The withdrawals are the result of removing toxins from the symptoms.

Withdrawals begin about 24 hours after stopping meth, and start with fatigue followed by depression. Anxiety and insomnia are common early symptoms as well.

During the first week, cravings will be strong and present most of the time. Depression and anxiety will continue, and new symptoms like headaches, random aches and pains, and poor concentration may set in.

During the second week symptoms should subside, especially when detoxing under administered drugs in a medical facility. Mood swings and depression will still be present but less frequent, and cravings should be less physically present-although psychological cravings may persist.

Meth withdrawal and detox can be extremely uncomfortable experiences, and this is why medical detox centers are suggested. Imperium at Fort Lauderdale offers detox programs that increase your chances at a successful recovery and lower the chances of relapse.

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What Are the Benefits of a Fort Lauderdale Meth Detox Center?

The benefits of detox for meth addiction can be summarized in two words: efficiency and comfortability. As a considerably difficult process, you want to be sure it only has to be done once and done with as little roadblocks as possible.

Completing your detox program in Fort Lauderdale with our staff ensures a safe and smooth withdrawal as well as an immediate transition into recovery and sober living. Call our staff today to find out more and begin your journey to a healthy life.

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