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Alcohol Rehab Program in Fort Lauderdale

Our Fort Lauderdale Alcohol Rehab

Nearly 100,000 Americans die each year as a result of alcohol abuse and alcohol is a factor in more than half of the country's homicides, suicides, and traffic accidents. Alcohol abuse also plays a role in many social and domestic problems unemployment to violence.

The immediate physical effects of drinking alcohol range from mild mood changes to complete loss of coordination, vision balance, and speech -- any of which can be signals of acute alcohol intoxication. These effects usually wear off in a matter of hours after a person stops drinking. Higher levels of blood alcohol can cause brain damage and eventually cause unconsciousness. An extreme overdose, alcohol poisoning, can be fatal.

Long term abuse of alcohol is extremely dangerous. It can and most likely will lead to liver failure, fatty liver disease, cardiovascular failure, stroke, heart attack, and seizures. It can be difficult to admit that you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction to alcohol. Alcoholism can leave you lonely, sick, and isolated from your normal lifestyle. With proper treatment- recovery is within reach.

Alcoholism is a tricky addiction, and can sometimes be harder to spot than others. Alcohol may be a legal substance, but it’s actually one of the most commonly abused and most difficult to withdraw from.

Understanding Possible Factors

Our professionals don't go into treatment blind with a uniform plan for every patient- we understand that every person has a different story and a different reason for being addicted to a substance. Upon entering our facilities, the first thing we do is get as much information about your and your history and try to understand what led you to this spot.

Many factors have likely caused or contributed to your addiction or the addiction of your loved one. Genetic predisposition, environmental factors and exposure to alcohol can all influence the likelihood of abuse. Many alcoholics have also experienced past trauma or have underlying mental, emotional and/or psychological issues like anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and/or bipolar disorder. At Imperium Treatment Center in Fort Lauderdale, we use dual diagnosis methodology, ensuring both clinical treatment and therapeutic counseling are employed to promote optimum healing.

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Treatment Options at Our Fort Lauderdale Alcohol Rehab

Medical Detox

Detox is the first step in recovering from alcohol abuse. A common treatment method for many kinds of addiction- detox is actually very serious with alcohol withdrawal and should be done under the supervision of our medical professionals. The withdrawal side effects of alcohol are life-threatening and may require medicated assistance. The purpose of detox is to flush the body of alcohol completely, returning the body to its normal function, and lowering chances of relapse or cravings.

Residential Inpatient Treatment

Our inpatient allows you to solely focus on recovering. As you reside at our comfortable and welcoming facilities, you will have 24/7 access to clinical care providers and a full daily schedule focused on therapies that will treat your addiction and its underlying causes. Inpatient programs ensure you are fully equipped to adjust back to everyday life after addiction.

Why Choose Imperiums Alcohol Rehab Program?

The reality of alcoholism is that most addicts have attempted to quit on their own at one point or another, and unfortunately many fail. Alcohol is such a routine aspect of society it's crucial to have the mental training and coping mechanisms to resist temptation.

Alcohol is also potentially dangerous to withdraw from, so it's important to have the medical supervision with intervention readily available. Our facility emphasizes the balance of both the physical and emotional realms of recovery, and by addressing all aspect of addiction, we can work with you to minimize relapse.

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