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Long-Term Residential Treatment in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Long Term Rehab

Finding freedom from an addiction doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a gradual process that takes time, patience and hard work. Research shows in fact that long-term rehab services significantly improve one’s chances of breaking the stranglehold of drugs or alcohol. The longer spent in residential treatment and continuing care, the less the likelihood of relapse. Relapse rates drop dramatically, in fact, after one year of receiving long-term rehab services!

What is a Long Term Rehab?

The meaning of “Long Term” can vary, but the golden standard is 90 days. Research has shown that most of the time, 30 days is not enough time to recover from addiction. It's not uncommon to see addicts bounce from rehab to rehab. The longer residential treatment allows patients to focus on their addiction for an extended period of time, and ensure cravings and temptations are controlled before going back to an unsupervised lifestyle.

Patients need time to identify and process the various circumstances that contributed to their addiction, whether they be, dysfunctional family dynamics, a past trauma or a co-occurring disorder, among other causes of addiction. Clients also need time to learn new life skills that build resilience to relapse. And they need time to get reacquainted with their own gifts, strengths, and desires apart from a drug or alcohol addiction. For many, expecting to do all of this is 30 days just isn't reasonable.

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Why Should I choose a Long-Term Rehab in Fort Lauderdale?

Addiction is as much a mental disease as it is a medical diagnosis, and at Imperium, we understand that healing from addiction means connecting with ourselves from within. It’s about getting to know who we are without drugs. Our long-term rehab services thus focus on helping clients rediscover themselves and what they want out of life. We help them understand what makes them tempted to use, and how to control those thoughts when they come on. Such connections and improvements take time. When in recovery, there should be no rush. How long it takes will be different for everyone, and with a deadline over your head (such as in short term programs) that's an extra stress you don't need.

Services at Our Long Term Residential Rehab

There are few differences between the treatments offered at short term vs. long term treatment. The main difference is the length of time given to really dive into the root of your addiction. A full 90 day treatment gives you enough time to get comfortable with your therapist, their methods, and come to some conclusions about what started your addiction. If cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is decided to be your best method, 90 days gives you enough time to change your thinking habits and find new perspectives.

Longer treatments also allow for the building of close relationships with peers. Typically, people who abuse drugs spend a lot of time with others who do the same. Long-term residential treatment removes you from that culture and gives you the chance to build new friendships built on support and respect, which will carry over well into life after treatment.

Long term treatment also gives our staff at Imperium in Fort Lauderdale the opportunity to really get to know you. Overtime, our professionals will understand what methods work for you, and what doesn't. These long term experiences and observations will enable our staff to implement the most productive plans, both during and after your stay. Long-term programs allow for more accurate and personalized treatment plans, close monitoring of progress, and better chances for staying sober.

Long Term Rehab, Long Term Sobriety

Are you or a loved one struggling with addiction? Do you need help putting drugs or alcohol behind you? At Imperium center in Fort Lauderdale, we can offer you the services you need to find sobriety. Call us today to talk to one of our specialist about our long-term residential treatment. There’s a space for you with us- find out more today.

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