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Mens Rehab for Addiction in Fort Lauderdale

Mens Rehab in Fort Lauderdale

Drugs affect men and women differently on several levels. On a physiological level, males process drugs differently than females. On a psychological level, men and women confront different social challenges and have gender-specific triggers that prompt drug seeking and substance abuse. Imperium understands the differences and takes them into consideration when forming treatment plans. Studies done by the National Institute for Drug Abuse have shown differences in men and women in their reactions to drugs and drug treatment. Some of these differences include:

  • Men are more prone to use illicit drugs
  • Men are more likely to develop psychological issues from drug use
  • It is easier to identify drug-related issues in men than women
  • Men are referred to drug rehabs at a higher rate

  • Benefits of Drug Treatment For Men

    Historically, men have a harder time opening up than women. It can be difficult to face emotional struggles and past trauma. Society enforces the idea that this makes men weak or lesser, but these issues need to be confronted in order to beat addiction and find sobriety. Our staff is compassionate and understands it can be difficult to face the traumas of drug addiction. Our counseling is designed to make our patients feel comfortable and ensures a safe place to overcome the root of one’s addiction.

    Imperium in Fort Lauderdale knows no two cases are the same, that's why we offer such a wide variety of treatments and programs. Working with our specialists, men struggling with addiction can regain control over their lives and find sobriety and healthy living.

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    What Addiction Programs are Available?

    Our Services can be offered through a variety of programs. We offer Residential/ Inpatient Programs: These range from 30-90 days and include, around the clock care and full access to our facilities and staff. Day Treatment Programs, which provides a full day of treatment, more than an Outpatient Program, but allows individuals to go home at night. Lastly, aftercare, continuing support after you leave the treatment environment.

    What Happens At A Mens Drug Rehab?

    At Imperium in Fort Lauderdale will offer patients a full evaluation, including medical history, drug history, psychological and emotional traumas, and any other factors leading to addiction. After a full evaluation is complete, we offer a wide variety of services to help men struggling with addiction find sobriety. Some of our services include: Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Detox, 12 Step Programs and various Holistic Approaches.

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    If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, we're here to help. At Imperium, our doors are always open for women seeking sobriety. Our staff is ready to answer any questions you have, and start planning your sober future. Call today to find out more. Recovery is possible with Imperium.

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