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Short-Term Rehab for Addiction in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Short Term Rehab

Our short-term program is structured to accelerate an individual’s recovery from addiction during a four week period. The program lasts between 28 and 30 days, offering both medical detoxification and intensive residential care. Prior to beginning to the program, each client must complete a full initial evaluation to ensure each client's needs, goals, and objectives are met with an individualized treatment plan. During this evaluation, clients can expect the discussion and assessment of specific substances to which he or she is addicted, frequency and duration of drug use, family history, any previous treatment, mental and physical health concerns, and other factors. These details are critical to creating an effective short-term treatment plan that lead to a successful recovery for each client. Short term programs are most effective in patients who have less severe forms of addiction and respond well to treatment.

Upon the completion of the intake process, clients are brought to their new residence and given time to settle in and adjust to their temporary homes. Treatment will begin promptly, and clients will quickly be exposed to the variety of different treatments and therapeutic services offered as a part of our short-term rehab program in Fort Lauderdale. Cognitive behavioral therapy is used during the duration of the program in both individual and group settings. This approach is ideal for short-term, goal oriented, results driven scenarios, and has been a very successful component of our short-term plans. We also employ a dialectical behavioral approach, which encompasses principles of Cognitive-Behavioral therapy while placing an emphasis on validation, acceptance, and mindfulness from a psychosocial standpoint. Each client will be recommended different approaches based off of their evaluations and responses to different therapeutic treatments, and the goal of our short-term rehab program is to match each client with the best treatment options to achieve recovery goals during their treatment.

What are the Benefits of a Short Term Rehab in Fort Lauderdale ?

One of the challenges to overcoming substance abuse is removing yourself from the toxic environment you’ve created during your path of addiction. This removal can include people, routines that involve drug use, triggers and temptations, and anything in association with the habits you are trying to rid yourself of. Avoiding a drug relapse is more than just saying no, it’s having a prevention plan that encompasses all aspects of temptation including social interactions, emotional triggers, and the development of emotional coping strategies.

Our short-term recovery program enables clients to remove themselves from toxic environments without having to take time off from normal life for too long. It’s enough time to learn the necessary skills to adjust well once returned to normal life. Our facility is safe, supportive, and 100 percent drug free with zero temptation to relapse. We encourage our clients to focus on their individual needs and goals with an intensive residential recovery journey. The residential aspect of our program allows for optimal time spent in our various therapeutic sessions and treatments, allowing our clients to reach recovery more quickly and with less difficulty. With our programs and staff at Imperium in Fort Lauderdale, patients given access to more than just a plan, you are given the highest quality staff and methods where you can build strong relationships with your peers while building a healthy lifestyle. We help you help yourself, recovery is possible.

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Why Choose Imperium for Short Term Rehab for Addiction?

The upside of our short term program is the limited time away from normal life you have to take, but that means you must be willing to do the work on your own once you've completed the program. Typically, our short term programs are followed by the participation of a 12 step or modified 12 step program and group therapy type programs such as AA. Patients are to keep their staff informed and updated with their recovery, and return to the facilities in the event of a relapse or fear or doing so.

Asking for help with addiction can be scary and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Our highly trained and compassionate staff is qualified to help those struggling overcome their addictions with the care and attention they need. So if you or a loved one is considering taking the first steps to recovery, call one of our specialists today and find out if our short term residential program is a good fit for you.

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