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Women’s Rehab in Fort Lauderdale

What Causes Addiction in Women?

Addiction can happen to people of all ages, genders, and sexualities. There are some factors however that tend to lead to addiction in women.

Between the ages of 14-22, they are forming their identity, a sense-of-self, and self-worth. These adolescent years are the most significant years of development, years critical to a young woman’s health and success later down the road. There is a lot of pressure on young girls during these years to live up to societal expectations, and this can cause insecurity, excess stress, and depression.

A recent study by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University revealed that girls and young women commonly initiate substance abuse during these crucial years. Often, their reasons for trying drugs are tied to the stress and pressures experienced in this transitional period. Sometimes, the causes of drug use in young women are rooted much deeper.

Women are exposed to sexual harassment, abuse, and tend to be put down in society. These experiences can lead to drug abuse as a coping method. Seeking help from professionals can help women of all ages confront their past, learn coping skills to overcome these kinds of situations, and find peace in sobriety.

Rehab Options For Women in Fort Lauderdale

At Imperium in Fort Lauderdale, our staff is trained to understand and treat drug addiction in women varying ages with a wide range of histories. Some services we offer for women include:

Educational groups - Individual counseling - Family counseling and education - Recreational activities and team building - 12-Step education - Recovery planning for relapse prevention

Our programs offer women compassion and care throughout their treatment. Medical and psychiatric treatment is provided our outstanding staff that includes psychiatrists, physicians, and nurses. Imperium provides several alcohol and drug-related treatment programs for women depending on an individual's needs. Some programs we offer include:
Outpatient Programs - These programs work best for women who cannot take extended periods of time off from work. Treatment does not interfere with work or everyday life, but is still effective in treating addiction.
Residential/ Inpatient Programs - These range from 30-90 days and include, around the clock care and full access to our facilities and staff.
Day Treatment Programs - Provides a full day of treatment, more than an Outpatient Program, but allows individuals to go home at night.
Aftercare - Continuing support after you leave the treatment environment.

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Why Is Imperium in Fort Lauderdale the Best Option For You?

At Imperium, we know drug addiction is more than just a craving for a substance. We work with out patients to understand all the factors that contribute to addiction. A full evaluation of each patient's past, history with drugs, mental and physical health will be taken into consideration.

After the initial evaluation, our staff with work with you to form a personalized treatment plan that will not only help you reach sobriety, but maintain in long term. We combine our clinical accuracy with compassion for women to offer the best treatment services in Fort Lauderdale. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, we're here to help. At Imperium, our doors are always open for women seeking sobriety. Our staff is ready to answer any questions you have, and start planning your sober future. Call today to find out more. Recovery is possible with Imperium.

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