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Suboxone Detox in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Suboxone Detox

Suboxone is a combination of Buprenorphine and Naloxone. Buprenorphine It is a synthetic opiate and is used mainly with the intention of preventing withdrawal symptoms that come from quitting opioids. Naloxone is a drug that suppresses the euphoria or "high" that a user may get from Buprenorphine. The combination is intended to lessen withdrawal symptoms without maintaining the sensation of being high, but this drug has shown to be equally addicted to opiates.
This drug is commonly prescribed short term to aid in tapering off opiates. When used as directed, and under the supervision of a physician or a drug treatment program, Suboxone is an effective tool for helping someone get off of opiates without the severe withdrawal symptoms of going "cold turkey." However, many simply trade in their old addiction for Suboxone, and then need further treatment to recover from this drug.

What are the signs of Suboxone Addiction?

The signs of suboxone abuse can be similar to those of other illicit and addictive drugs, but tend to be less severe. If you or a loved one experienced addiction prior to suboxone, the symptoms may look similar to them. Symptoms may increase if the user runs out and begins to experience withdrawal symptoms. Common signs of addiction and substance abuse you may notice include:

-Behavioral/personality changes
-Weight Loss
-Loss of Interest in normal activities

If you or a loved one has been prescribed Suboxone to wean off another drug, you should pay extra attention and be careful of abuse. In some cases, people get their hands on suboxone and become addicted to it as a primary addiction. Often they combine with other more easily accessible drugs when they can't maintain a supply. It's dangerous to combine any drugs, but suboxone can have severe reactions with other opiates or prescription pills.

In the case of prescription Suboxone, many don’t even know they are addicted. It can be hard to recognize when a doctor tell you a medication is supposed to help you. If you or a loved one in unsure, consider the following symptoms of suboxone addiction/abuse:

-Nausea and vomiting
-Slurred speech
-Poor coordination
-Small pupils
-Poor memory
-Erratic moods and behavior

Whether addiction to suboxone is primary or the aftermath or attempting recovery from another drug, detox is needed to start the user on the path of sobriety.

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What Does a Fort Lauderale Detox for Suboxone Look Like?

The experience of detoxification, especially from opiates, isn't pleasant. Symptoms can be severe and many people don't seek treatment out of fear. At Imperium in Fort Lauderdale, our services and programs are designed to make the Detox process as smooth as possible. We have around the clock medical supervision and assistance and emotional support to get you through this stage of recovery.

Detox is the most important part of recovery. It is crucial to get all remnants of a substance out of your body to return it to its normal function, and prevent relapse or cravings down the road. Suboxone detox typically lasts 1-2 weeks, and withdrawals last up to 2 months after. During detox you will engage in holistic practices, talk therapy, and group counseling to help you cope with the symptoms, both physical and mental. Each patient should expect a slightly different experience, but the timeline for withdrawal from Suboxone typically looks as follows:

Days 1-3

Physical symptoms may begin to show up within 6 – 12 hours after you last used Suboxone. Some symptoms to expect to include muscle pain, nausea, and diarrhea. Our staff at Imperium may administer drugs to ease symptoms or enroll you in our therapeutic services.

Days 4-7

You may experience insomnia and restlessness. The psychological effects are strongest during this period which can be managed with counseling. Headaches, cravings, depression, and lethargy are all common during this time.

Weeks 2-4

The weeks following detox and early withdrawals make you more prone more prone to depression. Your treatment team can help you through this disorder with talk therapy and possibly medicinal intervention.

Month 2+

At this point, relapse prevention is crucial. Though Suboxone is out of your system, your brain is still wired to crave the drug. In fact, Suboxone cravings can occur years after you’ve used the drug. Studies have proven that relapse is most common during the first and second month, post-addiction. Your medical team will likely suggest long-term program at Imperium.

Medically Supervised Suboxone Detox

Some undergo detox at home with no medical assistance but this is not recommended. Detox can have severe side effects that require medical intervention in the case of emergencies. Detoxing at home also increases your chances of relapse. At Imperium in Fort Lauderdale, our treatment professionals have significant experience helping people through drug detox and can address both your physical and mental symptoms. The benefits of detoxing at our center include:

Clinical Accuracy

Detox professionals are able to calculate and determine the amounts of Suboxone you should receive during each stage of tapering, and when to progress to the next stage with a lower dose.

Physical Comfort

In the absence of a doctor, you will endure the symptoms of detox without the support of medications or emotional assistance. At Imperium, we take care of you in every way possible, and work to subdue your physical symptoms to a minimal level.

Emotional Comfort

Withdrawal brings out a lot of the emotions that have been buried for a long time. For that reason, our mental health professionals — such as therapists and psychiatrists — are available at all times. Our patients will have scheduled meetings but will have the support whenever necessary.


In addition to comfort, safety is also an issue with home detox. It is highly unusual to die from Suboxone withdrawal, but there are risks nonetheless. For example, you may develop severe depression and suicidality due to the drop in dopamine flowing in your brain.You could face changes in blood pressure, organ function, etc. There is a much lower risk of permanent damage when you detox under the supervision of a medical professional team.

Relapse Risk

If you detox at home, you lack the constant supervision that is available at Imperium in Fort Lauderdale. Often the symptoms of withdrawal become too difficult and addicts go back to their old ways.

Find Sobriety With Imperium

Don’t let the fear of detox and withdrawal stop you from finding sobriety. Our medical professionals at Imperium in Fort Lauderdale are experienced in helping hundreds of addicts make it through detox, and will work with you long-term to maintain sobriety. Recovery is possible at Imperium. Call our specialists today to find more about our detox program for Suboxone.

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